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Wicked Ahjumma FaceBook page

If you haven't heard nor haven't checked it out, I have started a Wicked Ahjumma Facebook page for us wicked ahjummas who are addicted to asian dramas, asian music, hot eye-candy, naked abs and the endless shower scene. We rant, praise and share about everything and anything under the sun. If you think you are a wicked ahjumma who is addicted to any of those items listed above, please check out the site.


Follow Me on Twitter/FB

 Yeah, I know I swore I would never have a twitter account, but I do now. It is really about the official website for wicked ahjummas and the Facebook page that I started for the website.
This way to more explanations at to why I am Twitting and no, I did not swallow a bird.Collapse )


I have been working crazy on gifs, wallpapers, and icons because I have been inspired by the dramas that I have been watching. Plus, because I had such great response to my review or recaps of the dramas that I have been watching on Facebook and Viikii, that I have decided to create a website that is created just for wicked ahjummas. It is very much a tongue and cheek. I am still working on it and there are still many areas under construction that I am hoping to complete soon. But it will have me ranting or praising movies, music, dramas, and of course, sharing any info about my top eye-candy for the season (This season is Peter Ho-he is definitely my man!)

I will be posting links for watching, reading and sharing about dramas, links for learning the language and fun stuff to download for personal use. There is already some goodies to snag if you are interested. The biggest thing is that this site is for fun and laughter. FOR wicked ahjummas to gather together  and express their unique view of the drama world. Just look at my icon.... it says it all.LOL

So if you want to check it out, here is the site and I hope to see you there. Again this is more of a wicked ahjumma diary and her captured lessons for becoming a wicked ahjumma. Here is the link: wickedahjumma.weebly.com

Here is a new wicked ahjumma icon for viikii for you to snag (you can find this also at the site under the goodies). I will be adding animated GIF icons soon, but for now only jpg.


I just made a playlist of Love Songs and OST that I love and you can check out. It is a flashplayer. 
This way to the music of the night.Collapse )

I am GIF happy

I am on a GIF making mood at the moment. Actually, I see something in  a drama I am watching and have to make a GIF, and of course it has to be the Wicked Ahjumma version. Nothing is better than being a wicked ahjumma. We rate higher than fangirls and crazy Ahjummas. We know what we want and we demand it. LOL

Anyways, I just finished seeing episode 100 for Daring Women which was one of the lamest and slowest episodes I have ever seen in a drama. (Don't get me started on how stupid this drama when after ep 50-let just say with this drama, evil looks to prevail). They had a caveman scene that was a fail and I just had to make a GIF as an instructions as to how a proper "Going CaveMan" is done.

Here is the GIF:

I swear one day I am going to write a guide on how to be a proper Wicked Ahjumma and how to watch dramas as one. LOL Because we know there is a certain way that only wicked ahjummas watch dramas-it is all about eye candy and them endless shower scenes.


Made a Quick GIF from Au Revoir Taipei

I loved the gangsters-wanna-be in the Au Revoir Taipei, so a made a gif of my favorite scene with them.LOL


Best Trailer for a Non-Existing Drama

Another short posting, but I stumbled across this trailer on YouTube and had to post because it was so well done. It is a fan made trailer for a Thai Lakorn called "Jam Leuy Ruk / Jam Loey Rak / Jum Lei Ruk /Defendant of Love / Prisoner of Love" which was a pretty good Lakorn to watch. This is what the fan thought it would look like as a Japanese drama. Totally dark and sinister, I love it and wish the drama writers of Japan or even Korea would take this fan's trailer and make it a reality.
Here is the trailer:

Until next time...off to watch more drama!

A New Gif in reference to Daring Women

This gif was for fun and very raw. Not as good as Ahjumma's drama rules, but I was rushing to get this out before it was too late to post on the drama forum. I am such a drama dork.LOL


Have been thinking of making this gif since I saw this scene in "Woman Who Still Wants to Marry". I finally completed it. Yeah-I could improve it, but I am only doing this for fun and it captures the essence of what I want to say. Maybe I should do a series of these.LOL
(I have another one I need to do in regards to an IRIS clip, but I am looking for the other images that I need. I have only found guys and I need a woman. I will keep looking. Sure I will find it some where.)


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