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I have been working crazy on gifs, wallpapers, and icons because I have been inspired by the dramas that I have been watching. Plus, because I had such great response to my review or recaps of the dramas that I have been watching on Facebook and Viikii, that I have decided to create a website that is created just for wicked ahjummas. It is very much a tongue and cheek. I am still working on it and there are still many areas under construction that I am hoping to complete soon. But it will have me ranting or praising movies, music, dramas, and of course, sharing any info about my top eye-candy for the season (This season is Peter Ho-he is definitely my man!)

I will be posting links for watching, reading and sharing about dramas, links for learning the language and fun stuff to download for personal use. There is already some goodies to snag if you are interested. The biggest thing is that this site is for fun and laughter. FOR wicked ahjummas to gather together  and express their unique view of the drama world. Just look at my icon.... it says it all.LOL

So if you want to check it out, here is the site and I hope to see you there. Again this is more of a wicked ahjumma diary and her captured lessons for becoming a wicked ahjumma. Here is the link: wickedahjumma.weebly.com

Here is a new wicked ahjumma icon for viikii for you to snag (you can find this also at the site under the goodies). I will be adding animated GIF icons soon, but for now only jpg.



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