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Follow Me on Twitter/FB

 Yeah, I know I swore I would never have a twitter account, but I do now. It is really about the official website for wicked ahjummas and the Facebook page that I started for the website.

Actually, the Facebook is more of a chat room for wicked ahjummas to gather and rant about their dramas, musics and eye-candy. After the mess of a drama "Daring Women" and the fun we all had with chatting, most of us did not want to lose the friendship nor forum experience we had. Problem was where could we meet. I would have made a viikii channel, but with viikii being unreliable at times with connecting and the fact that some of our favorite dramas are not viewable on viikii (we all know why and have our work about regarding this). I thought making a site on FB with the discussion tab being the new spoiler would be a great fix. So, now I have an official wicked ahjumma FB page for everyone to go meet and chat live with others. 

That is the other nice thing. With the chat ability of Facebook, members of the page can chat away while watching the drama online. How cool is that. Plus we can notify others of any issues we are having with clips. I think it will be great when some big dramas coming up hit. I figure we could also use the scheduler to do "soju parties" and socialize with our partners in crime at a set time. Lame but hey, I am all about being lame. 

Anyways, we will see how this goes. I am not sure if i started a good thing or a bad thing. As if I have time in my life to be doing this. Oh well, I am enjoying myself at the moment and that is all that matters. 

Here are the links for anyone who wants to check these out:

Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:


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