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Translation Not Required

Ramblings of a Misunderstood SWF

4 September
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Native Californian living in the deep South. Looking for ways to feed my need for foreign food, fashion, music, language, TV and movies while trying to blending in with the Natives. Pretty sure I am not succeeding-Tend to stand out in a crowd.

This blog is pretty much a capture of my views and interest in my journey through life. I tend to rant long and hard, only because this is one place that I can be myself. Lots of blogs about movies, music artists (especially Big Bang) and dramas that have captured my interest. There will also be bits of stuff I post because I find it interesting-Languages and foods are a fav.

Please feel free to read, knowing that I don't apologize for who I am. Accept or reject me-all good to me since I have no plans to change who I am.

Personal Information:

Activities: Watching Rugby on S4C, learning Welsh or any other language, Learning new skills on Adobe Creative Suite, Watching old movies on TCM, Knitting, Drawing, learning Welsh (I think I said that already), gotten really addicted to Asian television dramas and Movies. I also like shopping at the health food store and local foreign food markets. Trying out new foods are one of my fav things to do. Been working on learning to read and write chinese script (I need something to fill my empty hours).

Interests: Learning Welsh/Chinese/Korean, Christian Music, Asian Music, reading, cooking, crafting, watching asian tv and classic films. Now anything Adobe Creative Suites. It sooo rocks. Microsoft SUCK! Bill Gates and Dr. Phil are evil-they want your money and soul.

Favorite Music: Toby Mac and Third Day. Actually, I love all types of music from Thrash/Punk to Opera. Prefer Christian music (Come on...they are songs about the one who is the love of my life. So, of course it is my fav). Favorite Asian artist are Big Bang (of course), Bear Biscuit, Hedge Hog, Jay Chou,Trax, Mc Mong and Wang Lee Hum.

Favorite TV Shows: Ghost Hunters (Science Fiction Channel) and Asian Dramas. My fav dramas at this time is My Queen, Mr. Brain, Hana Kina, Black and White, Zeni Geba (Best Serial Killer Drama I have ever seen) and Mei-chan no Shitsuji. You watch them online at www.mysoju.com. Also any movie on TCM. Also any soccer, football, hockey, australian football, cricket or rugby game on TV-if it is on, I will watch-ask my friends (do I have any friends?!!!lol).

Favorite Movies: Too many to list. Any John Wayne, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and so forth. Foreign has to be Bread and Tulips, Seducing Mr.Prefect, He was Cool and Dear Frankie.

Favorite Books: Too many to list here. I enjoy romance or a good non-fiction history book. Will do religion, but it has to be well written. Paranormal are a favorite, especially werewolves. Love comedy in any story. Agatha Christy is one of my favs as is Dean Koontz (Especially "lightening")

Favorite Quotations: "look there's a hole in my pocket" -Ringo (Yellow Submarine)
"It's only funny until someone gets hurt,then it is hilarious"
"Men, they bore me."(Woman Hater)
"what did your father tell you...If you can't say n'thing nice, don't say n'thing at all" -Thumper(Bambi)
"What do I know of Angelstone? Only he is not on speaking terms with his relatives and that he has an exceedingly dangerous reputation. All which makes him extremely interesting, of course." -Lady Pembroke (Danergous by Amanda Quick)
" I suppose I could send out for one of those inflatable, life-size, anatomically correct dolls that are sold in adult entertainment stores. But with my luck, she'd probably deflate before I figure out the operating instructions." -Stark (Trust Me-Jayne Anne Krentz)

About Me: Not much to say about me except that I am the 1% that they warn you about. Or as my co-works say about me..."Cute but kind of strange"